The Spitfire Grill - Idaho Shakespeare Festival
“Ashton Byrum, in his first role with ISF, plays Sheriff Joe Sutter, who is also Percy's parole officer. He gives a dreamy performance as he finds himself falling in love with Percy."
Marie D. Galyean, Boise Weekly

“Ashton Byrum brings real heart to Joe Sutter, the town's sheriff who also finds himself inspired by Percy and loving the town he grew up in."
Dana Oland, Idaho Statesman

“Byrum, as the sheriff, further exemplifies this theme. His attitude, both verbally and physically, morphs from that of a small-town prisoner to a small-town hero in a matter of two acts. With his beginnings as Percy's unenthusiastic parole officer, Byrum takes the role of Gilliad's official figure, frustrated with the hopelessness of the town, into one of tenderness and promise of a future."
Holli High,


The Producers - Leo Company
“As well, Ashton Byrum sings gloriously as the Aryan-wonder who leads the silliness in the “Springtime for Hitler” production number.”
R.J. Donovan,

“And Ashton Byrum shows a beautiful lead tenor in the big "Springtime for Hitler" production number. “
Bob Fischbach, Omaha World-Herald
Ashton's first performance


Forever Plaid - Flat Rock Playhouse
“Byrum also had a wonderful vocal range that blended beautifully with the voices of the other actors. He added a sincere innocence to this show.”
Martin McTaggart, Hendersonville Times-News

“Ashton Byrum, Michael Deleget, Lance Olds, and Jake Speck are marvelous as the forever-boyish but talented Plaids, singing and moving in perfect harmony.”
Tim Reid, Asheville Citizen-Times


1940'S Radio Hour - Flat Rock Playhouse
“Biff Baker (Ashton Byrum) is about to be sent overseas. His Irish tenor voice poignantly transports us to another era in I'll be Home for Christmas.”
Franklin Harris, Hendersonville Times-New


The Girlfriend - Musical Tonight! NYC
“Ashton Byrum—who seems the very essence of "fresh-faced"—and plucky Carey Anderson acquit themselves nicely in the White and Puck roles...”
Martin Denton, for


The Spitfire Grill - Arkansas Rep.
“Ashton Byrum, as Sheriff Joe Sutter, is appropriately handsome, earnest and steadfast, with a very fine voice of his own, as he displays on "This Wide Woods" and "Forest for the Trees."
John C. Thompson, CenterStage - Little Rock's Online Theatre Magazin


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Ogunquit Playhouse
“Ashton Byrum, as Joseph, gives an impeccable performance. Byrum, as well as his co-star, Gina Valentine, as the narrator, make every song something special. The sweet piece ‘Close Every Door’ set in the prison, actually elicits chills. Byrum’s voice is clear, controlled and lovely.”
Jeanne McCartin, for Foster's Online/Showcase Magazine

“Ashton Byrum plays the arrogant and charming Joseph, favorite son of Jacob. Byrum has a lovely voice, and a good sense of humor....”
Katherine Joyce, The Portland Phoenix

“Joseph is played by Ashton Byrum, an actor with a lovely voice and equally lovely appearance.”
MaryAnn Robertson for


Kingdom - Denver Center Theatre Company
“Ashton Byrum, who played the handsome prince from “The Little Match Girl,” was exceptional.”
T. Alex Miller, Editor, Summit Daily News

Kingdom juxtaposes moving plot developments with plaintive songs from “The Little Match Girl,” a show-within-a-show extravaganza that benefits from sweet singing by Ashton Byrum and Jacqueline Maloney.”
Diane Zuckerman for Backstage West


West Side Story - Westchester Broadway Theatre
“the cast, under Barry McNabb’s able staging, has taken care to define each character: The gang members are carefully drawn. Particularly compelling are Ashton Byrum (I loved his loose-limbed dancing) and Jennifer Cody as Anybody’s...”
Terry Joshi, for Travelhost